Unique Features

We provide Information You Need …and we help you use it!

We are the leader in understanding how information about people can generate business value to our clients. We service each client with individuality and tailor our approach to their needs.

Among many other benefits are…

  • Better hiring decisions
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Better utilization of individual strengths
  • Enhanced communication
  • Better sales results
  • More efficient team work
  • More effective organization
  • Better management decisions
  • Better business plans
  • Better business results!

Extended DISC® measures emotions

Extended DISC® measures the impulsive behavior and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioral style, allowing the measurement of emotions.

Measures the individual both on impulsive and conscious levels

Profile I illustrates how the person feels they need to adjust their behavior tocope with the requirements of the present environment. Profile I demonstrates the individual’s conscious understanding of oneself and one’s own behavior in the present situation (conscious self image).

Profile II illustrates a person’s natural response to an external stimulus.
It is a behavioral style that takes the least energy and effort, requires the least amount of concentration, and is usually the most pleasant to the individual. It illustrates the reaction mode that the person uses to naturally react and is most frequently exhibited outwardly in one’s behavior.

Extended DISC® text bank provides significantly large information

The text bank enables 228,383,696 totally different text pages to be generated. The style and format is concise and contains easy to understand graphic illustrations. Users can be trained to understand the more complex interpretation of the reports in a few hours.

Extended DISC® Assessment System

Extended DISC® is not just a set of behavioral tools, but rather a comprehensive assessment system. Information from one tool can be combined with other tools and used during all processes from recruiting to HR development. Furthermore, the information can be utilized on all levels: individual, team and organization.